2007-10-13 15:40:46 by smileycrew

I will be posting the last three episodes of Season 2 of Lab Of Ingeniocity here at newgrounds.com . The first just went up (please note the time of this posting). If you want really get in on the action, you must visit my website. No, it's not like anyone else's website, at all. Visit it and find out why (well, its got this thing called Adventure Mode which is like a RPG / Mega man / Simulation / GTA, and if that's not a good enough reason, well there are more.)

In summation:
3 New Labs.
Go to my awesomely cool website: ADVENTURES IN CHAOS CITY . COM

That is all. Peace.

FInally, I'm back to work on new toons. Six new episodes of Lab of Ingeniocity start here at NG on 8/11. (NG should gimme a Series dammit.) Anyway, I'm making new episodes of Lab Of Ingeniocity, and then I'm doing a new series called Living With Smiley.

What's with this new setup, anywho. I haven't been here in a while, I guess.

Adventures In Chaos City . Com